Construction of Specialist Foundations and Containment Areas

GGLP Industrial Division is well-accomplished in the construction of specialty foundations, such as circular, ring-wall, multi-sided or pedestal foundations for items such as tanks or vessels. Our experience has shown that many of these types of foundations are positioned within containment areas. Therefore, if required, we are also able to complete the construction of the whole containment area, including liner placement and protection, and supply and installation of containment walls. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide straightforward, safe and cost effective solutions for the many challenges that can be associated with these areas.


  • Excavation / Backfill and development / construction of foundation sub-base(s)
  • Deployment of any liner system beneath foundation and entire Containment Area (if required)
  • Supply and Installation of Leak Detection Pipework
  • All Concrete works ((including forming, supply and placement of rebar, concrete supply, concrete placement and finishing)
  • Accurate Installation of ancillary concrete foundation components such as anchor bolts, void form, steel embedment’s etc.
  • Application of waterproofing or Bituminous Materials
  • Backfilling of Ring wall foundations
  • Supply and Installation of Containment Walls
  • Protection of Containment Liner (if required)
  • Final Grading of Containment Areas
  • Road / Crane Pad Construction
  • Temporary Access ways

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